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Our online store specializes in selling different preparations amongst which are:

  • Hormones
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Sedatives
  • Pain killers

And other drugs. But lets especially stop on one of the groups- Steroids.

Steroids are substances of animal or rarely plant origin that exert a high degree of biological activity. In regulation of metabolism and different functions of the organism Steroid hormones play a huge role. A number of synthetic hormones in comparison to natural substances even surpasses their effect. Among different types of steroids we may separate the group that interests us the most anabolic-androgenic steroids or performance enhancing drugs.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic analogues of men sexual hormones androgens. In comparison to androgens these substances exert a weaker hormonal effect and a more profound and powerful anabolic effect. But what does it mean anabolic effect? Anabolism is a complex of chemical processes in the living organism which leads to formation and renewal of cellular structures and tissues as a whole. The anabolic effect which can be monitored during the use of steroids mostly affects the muscle tissue.

There are 2 distinguished types of anabolic steroids:

  • Bulking steroids substances that are used to increase the muscle mass and muscle strength with a light effect on the muscle tone. The use of such steroids is normally accompanied by a high-calorie diet to achieve the effects faster.
  • Cutting steroids substances that are used after the body mass is achieved to rid of the undesirable muscle fat that accompanies the mass gain.

But how do all anabolic steroids work? Two processes take place when an individual uses the drugs. The first process involves stimulation of protein synthesis which are used to produce muscle fibers. The second process involves suppression catabolism processes in the muscle tissue or in other words breaking of the muscle. And lastly anabolic steroids also affect cell differentiation thus the newborn cells more readily turn into muscle then in fat.

All of the above mentioned positive traits of steroids of course do not fully describe the picture of their use. The preparations also express certain side-effects that may stop a person from using them amongst which are:

  • Androgenic effects
  • Virilizing effects
  • Decreased fertility

But the most dangerous these preparations become when used in teenagers. Due to possible changes in bone growth and premature onset of puberty.

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